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I am proud to be an American and feel very lucky to have been born in America. I want those children born here today and tomorrow to feel that same way. 1968-69 in the Republic of South Vietnam I was taught things no one should ever need to learn, and while there I decided if ever there was an opportunity for me to speak out on the injustices of our world, I would. This web site is my opportunity. I believe in the right and duty of all Americans to defend our freedom from those who would attack and diminish it. But, I also believe the most immediate threat to our freedom lies not in sneaking saboteurs and terrorists from abroad, but in a government so overzealous in protecting our safety, they destroy the very freedom we all need to preserve it. I believe our founding fathers gave us real gifts in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Gifts that make this nation one to be proud of, and if our government compromises them, I fear the children born today will never understand the true, greatness of the United States.

Wouldn't You Be Scared, Too?
by James Glaser
March 2, 2015
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If you watch the news, you can see that everyone in Washington is very worried about Iran getting a nuclear weapon. Now they say Iran is working on intercontinental missiles, too.

I keep wondering how they feel in Iran. We have intercontinental missiles, and we have nuclear bombs, and so do the Soviets, the British, France, Israel, and China, and probably Pakistan and India, too. Maybe more countries than that. Oh yeah, North Korea.

On top of that we have spy satellites and who knows what other kinds of spy-type technology. So, is it any wonder that Iran wants to join the rest of the world's powers and have whatever weapons they think they need to defend themselves?

Did you ever notice that Washington doesn't even put it on the table to the rest of the world that if they will get rid of their nuclear weapons and long range missiles, we would do the same. We don't even think about any sort of de-escalation for the world.

Think of this too. For a few decades now Iran has been watching as the US attacks country after country in the Middle East, and on top of that we arm other Middle East nations, not just Israel, with all the weapons they could ever want, to have an all-out war in that region.

Here is a list of the top 15 nations on Military spending, Actually, you will find three lists from three different sources, and Iran is in last place on one list, and on the other two it doesn't even make the list.

I don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons or long range missiles, but then I don't really want any countries to have them, including our country. Remember, the United States is still the only country to use nuclear weapons, and both times we did we bombed civilian cities. So that is another reason for Iran and any other country to worry about our having, and their needing, those weapons.

When will the weapons buildup ever end? I don't know, but I bet it will end with a big bang.

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