Deal Of The Day ... Woolrich American Flag Blanket

by James Glaser
September 12, 2002

That is it folks. September 11, that somber day of rememberence and has a special of the day for only $29.95, an American flag blanket. I looked up in my official VFW Flag Book and no where could I find the proper way to display a flag blanket. I bet netscape knows how.

I had a busy day and had to do a lot of traveling in my truck, so I kept switching radio channels just to get a mix of what America was thinking. National Public Radio, I think is now part of Radio Free America. Their propaganda was just out and out sickening. The calls on that station are screened so close that only the people that have the "point of view of the day" get on. A little break in the voice or a tear in the story is what you need.

If you have ever called in you will know that after the person screens you, it could be up to a half hour wait before your name is called and by that time you have changed your remarks several times because some of the other callers stole your ideas and you have to top theirs.

I was listening to a local country station and the format was just open and there were good old boys wanting to kill every Arab in the Middle East and send all those here, home. Now that was a real American radio station. No sniveling remembrances of last year, just some good old American vengeance, which brings up our President

Today George, our George not his dad, goes before the UN and will tell the world why we have to attack Iraq, Right Now!!! Vengeance is mine said George. Maybe not in those exact words but the thought was there. As Country Joe McDonald said "I want to eat burnt dead bodies" or maybe that was Dick Cheney. Same-same.

America will wallow in self pity for the loss of all of those people last September and don't get me wrong, their deaths were a most horrible crime that never should have happened. But to use those deaths as an excuse so that America can go around the globe killing many more people is a greater crime. This is not vengeance, but a real fortunate excuse to get control of Middle East Oil, for a few real rich Americans. I bet last September they said, "what luck!"

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