"Deriving Their Just Powers From The Consent Of The Governed"

by James Glaser
February 24, 2003

Do those words above sound familiar at all? Well they come from our Declaration of Independence. This line is just a little after "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

It is a shame that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq will never get to use their own words about what kind of government they want. You see George Bush and the United States of America are telling these two countries what kind of a government we will allow them to have, like it or not.

Some day maybe these people will be able to rise up like we did against England and throw off the yoke of oppression that America is about to place on the people of these two countries. We can never make these people free with the use of a gun. The desire for freedom comes from within, not because the country that conquers you says you are free.

We haven't even attacked Iraq yet, but we have their government all figured out. THEIR GOVERNMENT ! We are going to call this government we force on these people a Democracy. How very sick for America to do this to these people. We might as well chain them up and make them slaves, because they will have just as much say in the formation of this government as slaves would in any other country trying to change their form of government. In fact these people are not now actively trying to change their form of government.

Not even George Bush or Colin Powell in their barrage of propaganda about Iraq, tried to tell us about movements within the country that are fighting for Democracy. There are no freedom fighters in Iraq. In Iraq, the local Stock Market has doubled in value over the last year. Does that sound like a country mired in political infighting?

The whole idea is that Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people, but George Bush is going to decide what is best for these people and they will have no say in this at all. The whole plan is already decided and they better like it.

Take a look at Afghanistan. We picked not only the form of government they could use, we also forced our Puppet, Harmed Karzi on them. This is just a fact. Nation building is just that. The victor, in this case America, builds the government America thinks would be best for these people and for America. The citizens of Afghanistan have no real say in what is going on. The country is devastated and the CIA is there with a big bag of money buying off anyone that wants to do something different.

Remember that Loyga Jirga America assembled to put Karzi in. Well not only did America call this time honored Afghan political assembly, but we also provided the tent it was held in and the bags of money used to "elect" our hand picked puppet. Hamid Karzi still only controls the capital city of Kabul and for months was protected by 200 American special forces military personal. Seeing that looked bad, America has now hired mercenary bodyguards from DynCorp to protect "our man" in Kabul.

DynCorp, surprise, a large supporter of the Bush election campaign, has 25,000 staff, many of them former US military personal, working in the area of security. DynCorp personal contracted by the United Nations police service in Bosnia were implicated in buying and selling prostitutes, including a girl as young as 12, Several DynCorp employees were also accused of videotaping the rape of one of the women. Yes, these are the kind of people you have to deal with when you are destroying a country so you can put your own puppet in charge. Yes you are right, it is all American tax dollars paying for all of this.

Back in Iraq, according to an article by Karen De Young and Peter Slevin in the Washington Post, "The Bush administration plans to take complete, unilateral control of a post- Saddam Hussein Iraq, with a interim administration headed by a yet to be named American civilian who would direct the reconstruction of the country and the creation of a "representative" Iraqi Government."

Now think about this, if you were an Iraqi just how good would you feel having a American General backing up some, most likely Christian governor, who runs your country now. If you are good and obey America long enough, your country will be given back to you, with a totally new form of government run by people America has hand picked, trained, and installed for your own good. How very nice!

Last September Bush economic advisor Larry Lindsey made the mistake of telling America that this war on Iraq could cost us 200 billion dollars. Well he was moved out of there quick like and now Mitch Daniels, from the Office of Management and Budget puts the price at 60 billion.

It looks like we have agreed to give Turkey about 32 billion. So that is more than half of the cost of the war already. Do you think the White House is being just a little dishonest with us? Bush and his staff will say and do anything to get this war started and now many say the total package of this war could run to one Trillion dollars. That is a thousand billion and a billion is a thousand million. I know this amount of money is so hard to comprehend, but trillion is a million, million dollars. That amount would really help fix a lot of things George Bush promised to work on when he was running for President. I guess maybe he forgot about those things.

America is about to become a Colonial Power. Remember we were a colony of England and we could not stomach that. We revolted and formed our own Nation. England at that time was a power so much greater than those 13 colonies, but we did it against all odds. The people of Afghanistan and Iraq will some day look to our own history for the inspiration they need to defeat America and become free again.

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