Americans Are So Foolish
by James Glaser
February 23, 2011
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So, four Americans are killed by pirates. Four Americans on one couple's yacht are killed by pirates. It was reported that one of these couples had been sailing around the world for several years, so they were experienced sailors.

Think about if you were out on the ocean on your private yacht having a great time, and you can go anyplace you want. Now think about if you would decide to take your boat to the only place in the world that has pirates. Does that sound foolish to you? It sure does to me.

How about those young Americans who are being tried in Iran? They claim they strayed over the Iranian border from Iraq. Foolish or stupid? I would say, both. First off, why would you go to Iraq when we are having a war there? On top of that, why even get within fifty miles of Iran's border?

A couple of years ago a young American girl was killed down on some Caribbean Island Country. I believe she was in high school, or she just graduated. Why would you allow your high school child to go down there in the first place?

Maybe it is because no living American has ever seen a war on our soil. Yes, we have had racial riots, but they are always in poor sections of cities and they end quickly. So, Americans don't understand chaos, abject poverty, or countries that hate us. Americans think the rest of the world is how Hollywood movies make it seem.

Here is a clue. Most combat veterans have no desire to go overseas again. They are happy to be alive, and can find all sorts of interesting things to do right here in the good old USA.

I can see traveling abroad, but for Pete's sake, use some common sense. If the country's government hates America, like Iran, stay far away. If a country is dirt poor and full of crime, you are a target for robbery or kidnapping, and you should stay away from there, too. For gosh sakes, if a country is at war with us or somebody else, don't go there, and if a coast line has pirates, stay far, far away from that coast.

Here is something else to think about. If your kid comes home and starts talking about taking classes anyplace in the Middle East, South America, or most of Africa, tell him or her to look for other funding, Steer them to someplace you would feel good traveling to, but remember, kids can get in trouble anyplace, and only here in America do they have any rights, and that goes for you, too. There are probably 50 safe countries that you can spend the rest of your life exploring, along with our fifty states, that gives you 100 places to go.

Travel if you want, but think before you do, and don't make foolish mistakes.

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