Nobody Is Going To Let Ron Paul Get His Message Out
by James Glaser
August 14, 2011
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In the last election the Democrats and Republicans were able to keep Ron Paul out of some of the debates. I don't think that will work this year because too many citizens have heard Doctor Paul's views on Liberty and our Constitution.

What you have to understand if you start to take an interest in Doctor Paul's campaign is that both the Democratic and Republican parties are out to stop him. You see, Ron Paul wants to end our wars, but the Military Industrial Complex (The Defense Industry) will lose its cash cow (American wars) if Representative Paul were elected.

The Defense Industry pours millions of dollars into the re-election of incumbents from both political parties. Why? Because it doesn't matter which party is in charge of Washington. Both political parties are pro-war. They keep us in, a state of war and the Defense industry keeps those politicians in office.

If some how Ron Paul got elected, he would do what Barack Obama claimed he would do, and that would be to bring an end to our undeclared wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan Yemen, Libya, and who knows how many other countries.

Plus the fact is that Ron Paul would pull our troops from Europe, the Far East, and every other country we occupy. Many of those foreign countries have had tens of thousands of our troops in their country for over 60 years. The United States has spent trillions of dollars keeping those troops overseas, and the Defense Industry has made hundreds of billions of dollars in profits supplying them.

So, the fix is in, and both of our political parties and the media those parties control will do what ever it takes to keep Ron Paul out of the White House. If you do take an interest in Doctor Paul's Campaign, you will quickly see that his main points of interest are your personal freedoms and getting Washington back to using the dictates of our Constitution as a guide for what it does.

I will tell you this, working and voting for Ron Paul will make you feel good about being a United States citizen, and you will be making an attempt to give your children a better country.

Post Script:

I have been on the road with Wanda, and I took a computer break for a few days. That was nice and so was the lack of news. I did however talk to people of all ages about how they feel about their lives and our country. I don't believe our major media outlets have a clue of how they feel.

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