The Government Christmas Present


Can We Buy Your Vote?

by James Glaser
December 23, 2011
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So, what are you going to do with the "extra" $1000.00 that Washington is giving you next year? What did you do with last year's $1000.00 gift from Washington? Barack Obama and our Congress would like us to thank them for figuring out how they can get us this extra thousand dollars. Like it isn't our money in the first place.

Washington would like us to believe that an extra twenty bucks a week will more than make up for the year's increase in fuel and food prices. Like that twenty dollars will make the increase in your health care insurance negligible.

The reason Washington can think this is that they have no clue of what is going on in America. Let me give you an example. President Obama planned on having a 17 day vacation in Hawaii. This after all the other vacations he has taken this year. That would have been a 17 day, all expenses paid with tax money vacation.

Well, the House Republicans stopped that by not going along with this payroll tax deduction that gives us a bit of our own money back to us. Of course we tax payers saved nothing, because the Obama family has already left for the islands.

How can you expect a man who takes multimillion dollar tax-paid vacations to understand what the rest of us live like? The same goes for Congress. At a minimum each Congressman and woman takes home over $3,000 dollars a week, which is paid with tax money. With that kind of pay, what does twenty dollars extra mean to them? They want us to feel good about that pittance, and I bet they want us to thank them for getting it for us.

Here is the truth. This President and this Congress already spend 1.5 trillion dollars more than we take in in taxes each year. So any tax money they give back to us in a the form of a tax reduction means our country has to borrow that much more money, and pay interest on the principal.

There is no way we can come out ahead on this. Washington pretends that we are getting an extra thousand dollars, but in reality they just put that money on our tab or more correctly on our children's tab. We probably will all be dead before we get around to paying this money back, but some Americans will have to, and that will be our children or their children. What a legacy.

So, think about what you will do with that extra twenty bucks a week, and then think if you want the same people back in Washington. Maybe that twenty dollars will buy your vote, but it won't buy mine.

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