Listen Up Marine
by James Glaser
January 13, 2012
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Here is what the Marine Corps and every politician we have in Washington is saying to the enlisted Marines today.

You can go out and kill women and children, but don't you ever let anyone take a video of you pissing on a dead body.

Yesterday on NPR they had some Marine Corps officer telling America that urinating on dead enemy soldiers was not something the Marine Corps condones. Of course, while he may have been on the battle front as he said, you have to know he was hand-picked by the Marine Corps public relations office, because he was so slick and loyal and honorable and faithful to the Corps.

The real story is—that officer, if he had any combat experience, knows that pissing on the dead is minor when it come to young Marines blowing off steam. You have several of your friends killed or lose limbs, it tends to get you pretty mad.

While In Vietnam, I saw so many war crimes that were excused by the Marine Corps, and in Vietnam most Marines were doing one tour in the combat zone. Today it is a different story, and after ten years of combat in Afghanistan, there are thousands of Marines and Soldiers with multiple tours of duty. I have read that some of our troops have done as many as seven tours in the combat zone.

Well, one tour can drive some guys nuts. I have no idea what seven tours are like. However, for sure some of our troops today are serving at least three times longer than any WWII vet served. So. If our guys are pissing on dead Taliban, so what? We are driving them nuts with repeated tours of combat. What the heck do we expect?

The only mistake these Marines made was to video their act of protest against the dead enemy troops. As far as the Marine Corps is concerned, out of sight, out of the public eye, then anything goes. If you want to kill women and children or piss on dead bodies, just make sure there is no photographic equipment in the area, then have at it.

The American public should know these things go on in every war we have, so don't for a minute think that it doesn't.

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