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by James Glaser
January 26, 2012
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Money and Politics

Wanda and I were in Jacksonville, and she drove, so I got to look around. The billboards you see downtown on Interstate 95 were mostly attorneys looking for people they could represent who had been in traffic accidents. But the one that made us smile was a huge billboard with a picture of a frog peeking over a board. On the board was, "NO NEWT IS A GOOD NEWT." Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny to us.

Mitt Romney Paid His Taxes—Deal With It!

The Left is upset because Mitt Romney didn't pay enough taxes as far as they are concerned. Here's the thing. He paid all the taxes the law said he had to pay. It was President Barack Obama who signed into law the Bush tax cut extension for the rich—not Mitt Romney. That is a fact, but now that it is an election year, Obama is trying to say that the rich don't pay enough. Not fair is it; for him to pander to the rich and then try to throw them under the bus.

Is It Just Me or Is It Getting Crowded Here?

It has started again. More people are moving into Florida than the number leaving. For the past several days I have been working outside in a tee shirt. That could have something to do with the influx of new people.

Republicans Are Pro-Life—Or Are They?

I have learned that if you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, local Republican officials do not consider you a real Republican. I guess even the locals like killing people on the other side of the world, because that seems to be the only Republican complaint about Dr Paul. He isn't blood thirsty enough.

Time To Get The Garden Ready

Ah, this might be a Southern thing, but right now is the time to get your vegetable garden ready for planting. The ground feels warm right now, but it could still frost here all the way through March. Still, it is so nice to work the ground in this weather. Yes, now is the time.

Drug Busts Are a Bust Right Now

We haven't had a big drug bust here for over two months. There seemed to be a big bust every week for over a year before this current slow down. I don't know if it is the economy, or that the dealers know to get off the interstate when coming through Madison and Jefferson Counties, or that most of the drug dealers are off the road now, working their way through the court system.

Investing Your Money

Looking for a good place to invest your dollar and try to get a good return on it? The best CD rate around is 1.00 % on a one year deposit. But wait! You can get a whopping 2.00% if you sign up for 5 years. If you want to talk about inflation, on January 1, Power Ball tickets went from $1 dollar to $2 dollars. That is a 100% increase. I guess they want to suck every dollar they can out of the poor.

Because You Have Earned It

Yes, new credit card offers keep coming to my mail box. However, even though I have "earned" the right to have these new cards, I still have to pay back the money I spend if I take them. So, I don't think "earned" is the right word for them to use. Besides, how do they know I have any money to spend anyway? For all they know, it could be tied up in a CD waiting for my big 1% pay-back.

Time for a New Truck?

A while back I paid off my pickup. So I have not had a payment for a long time. Coincidentally, I just had to buy my first two repair parts for it. They totaled less than one month's payment. I think I'll keep it for a while longer. I hope about 5 years longer.

Florida Primary Is Upon Us—Oh My!

The television ads have started. I bought a Kindle and ordered my first book. Kindle book reading involves no advertisements, no volume issues, no looking for the remote to change the channel from one talking head to another. Kindle book reading? Priceless!

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