If You Donated To Mitt or Newt, Florida Thanks You
by James Glaser
February 1, 2012
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I don't know the exact number, but Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich or their Super Pacs spent tens of millions of dollars in Florida trying to win the primary. It was hard to watch any TV without seeing one or the other of these guys slamming his opponent. I can't say that I saw or heard any positive ads about either of these candidates. They just were out to smear each other.

Meanwhile, in the real world, people are working away here in North Florida. Hey, it is in the high 60s or low 70s, and you can't beat that for work weather. The mornings start out a bit chilly, but if you have on a long sleeve shirt and start moving around, it is wonderful out till about 1:00 in the after noon. Then, depending on how hard you are working, it is time to switch into a tee shirt.

Every night now I make a list of things to do the next day, and like all lists, the really hard or distasteful jobs tend to stay on the list a lot longer than others. In list making it is always best to put a few easy simple tasks on there so you can start crossing a few off early in the day. It makes you feel good and moves you on to harder things.

I had to get the dump run in first thing this morning as the truck was overflowing with branches Wanda and I loaded up the day before. I couldn't use the truck for anything else until I did that dump run. Unloading warmed me up, and in no time I had scratched off several projects, and before I knew it—it was noon. The day really does fly by when you are working off a list. Sometimes it is good to put down the tools you will need right there on your list paper. Thought time always slows you down.

Last year Wanda and I went to a cooking class at the O'Toole Herb Farm. Once a year B O'toole has some of the best chefs in the area come out to her place, and they each give a class on how to cook using herbs. Well, Wanda made us several, no make that many black bean burgers that we had watched some chef make, and we stuffed ourselves. They were wonderful and actually very healthful, but we both ate a bit too much.

However, I went back out for a few hours and worked in the yard, the garden, and even got a few minutes in on the tree house. Some times it is good to get everything set up for one or two of the next day's projects. That way you can start right in without having to look for the tools or materials you will need.

I don't know why it is, but I tend to move from job to job. Weeding the garden is not a bad job, but it is a job that you can do in spurts. Take one area and clean it all up and then walk away before you get too tired. Shop clean up can work the same way. Put all the tools away, and go on to something else. Then come back and vacuum the place. Take a couple of minutes and mark out the window you are going to cut in to the wall. Then walk away and come back to it.

Maybe it is age, and staying on one task for hours can give you a sore back, but if you keep changing jobs and using different muscles, you don't really strain any one part of your body.

I worked until almost dark. Then I took a few minutes and looked at what I had accomplished and felt pretty good about it. I came back in and thought I might look at the election results but blew that off. I'll see what happened in the morning.

Usually a good day's work means a good night's sleep, and I am look in forward to that tonight.

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