Leon Panetta Knows How Flippy Our Troops Are
by James Glaser
March 15, 2012
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The Secretary of Defense goes to Afghanistan and gives a talk to the troops. Nothing unusual there. Oh, but wait, before he will speak, the troops are ordered to take their weapons and stack them outside. Panetta knows he can't trust his own troops. One of them might just flip right out and start shooting.

It makes me wonder what else has been happening over there that we don't know about. Have there been other incidents of Soldiers and Marines losing it that our media never hears about, or if they do, they never report?

Leon Panetta knows how many combat tours some of these guys have been on and that many of them should never have been sent back into combat. He knows how many active duty troops have committed suicide. How many have flipped out here at home. He knows troops have been sent back to Afghanistan after suffering traumatic brain injuries, have been diagnosed with PTSD, or are being medicated with drugs so that they can function, and if he has half a brain it probably scares the hell out of him.

Think about it—Leon Panetta, our Secretary of Defense, does not trust his own troops, and I don't blame him. But I do blame him for the fact that after he goes home, those troops are going to go pick up their weapons, knowing that it is not safe to be living with some of their comrades in arms. Leon could have the troops disarm, but the troops don't have that same power over each other.

Our troops have to stay in the combat zone knowing any moment they could be killed by the enemy, somebody in the Afghan Army, or by our one of their fellow Soldiers or Marines.

This should tell us that we should stop what we are doing right now and bring our troops home for the sake of the innocents in Afghanistan for sure, and also, for their own protection.

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