I Have a Good Idea
by James Glaser
March 28, 2012
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Now you might not think this is such good idea, especially if you are a government worker, but then we all have the right to our own opinion. I have been reading how government employees on average get paid more, and have better benefits than private sector workers. I also have always heard that government workers work for us.

Well, if they do work for us, I would like to see a few changes in their work schedule. For starters, I would like every government worker who works in a job that directly deals with the public to have their lunch hour either before noon or after 1:00 PM. That way the public could get something done with the government on their lunch hour.

Now remember, these government workers are supposed to be working for the good of us all, so here is another change I would like to see. I want all government offices open on Saturdays. Government workers could have Sunday/Monday for their weekend. That way, citizens who work in the private sector would not have to take off work to get a new driver's license, pay a fine, sign up to vote, or any of the hundreds of other things we have to do with our government from time to time. The whole office wouldn't have to work Saturdays, just enough workers to handle people coming in. After a while they would know how many workers would be needed, and then they could rotate that day of work amongst their whole staff.

I think it would be great if our elected officials stuck around on Saturday, too. I have to ask, why do we the majority have to lose work time to deal with our government? Stores stay open on the weekends, why not your local court house?

Am I really asking, too much? It just makes common sense, but then, as I think about it, I guess that is why Government would fight this. It is a shame but our government is short on common sense.

I still think it is a good idea.

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