Because of Ron Paul, The Jig Is Up
by James Glaser
April 9, 2012
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Now I know Dr. Paul is not the only American to expose what is going on in Washington, but he has energized millions of young Americans to look at and research what he is saying about what Washington is doing to our Constitution, our money, and our personal freedom.

Before almost every American had access to the internet, a politician could say whatever he wanted about what is going on in our country, and those in charge could call him or her a crackpot and ignore them. Today, anyone can do a few minutes of research and find hours of material that either backs up what that politician is saying or lets you know they have no idea what they are saying.

For thirty years, Congressman Paul has been saying the same things about the Federal Reserve, the size of our government, the debasement of our money supply, and how our liberty is slipping away. Young men and women who first started looking into what Ron Paul was saying are now in their late thirties, maybe early forties. And since the advent of computer research, millions of young Americans have researched his charges.

The great thing about Ron Paul is that his message is consistent. So the research you do today is the same research done a couple of decades ago. That means the young person today can talk to the generation that came before them, and they are able to converse on the same subjects. Ron Paul's "Revolution" is now multi-generational. I believe that means Dr. Paul's message is here to stay.

Sure, there is a good chance that Dr. Paul will not be our next president, but I am not ruling that out yet. However, even if he is not, his message of smaller government, Washington following the Constitution, and the protection of our freedom has reached so many of our younger generation that even without Dr. Paul as a candidate, his followers will be putting up a candidate who will keep Paul's values moving closer to fruition.

Those in our government who want to keep us on a never-ending war economy, and who want to bring more and more power over us to the central government in Washington are literally the "Old Guard." Look at the Party hacks in both the Republican and Democratic parties on the state level. For the most part they are old, but Ron Paul's young people will be, and are starting to take control. Sure, it will take time for attrition to work its job, but as the older people die out, the young and not so young Paul enthusiasts will take over.

Ron Paul has started something that has touched millions of young Americans. They have done their research, and have decided that either now or later, Dr. Paul's ideas for a better America will once again be the law of our land. I believe Ron Paul's Revolution is just getting its start this year, but with the organization Dr. Paul has put together, I can only see it growing.

Do you doubt that? Reconsider, because the reality is that Freedom is as attractive and addictive now as it was back in 1776.

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