I Thought Obama and Romney Were In Trouble,
But Really We Are the Ones In Trouble

by James Glaser
April 12, 2012
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As I listen to our candidates for President this year, the elitist attitudes of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney caught my ear. Both men are rich. Romney is way richer than Obama, but they are both so far out of the middle class that rich is still rich when you are looking up from down the income ladder.

For years pundits have been praising Barack Obama for his speaking ability, but I don't see it. First off, President Obama looks arrogant with his chin tilted up in the air as he haltingly reads a canned speech off a teleprompter, trying to act like he is adlibbing. We all know, like all politicians he gives his speeches over and over again. Ask any reporter who follows any politician. After a while they can give that speech because they have heard it so many times.

Mitt Romney has a different problem. Even though he will take off his tie and roll his sleeves up like Barack Obama, Romney has the problem of his silver spoon upbringing. As hard as he tries, Mitt Romney cannot seem to relate to middle America. You and I might talk about having built a new garage—Romney talks about putting a vehicle elevator in his garage so he can move cars to the second floor. He didn't need to tell us that, nor does he need to keep telling us that his friends own sports franchises and NASCAR race teams. I am sure they do, and Mitt isn't putting us on or showing off. He is just talking about his typical multimillionaire life. Rich people have rich friends, and I guess many have two story garages because they have so many cars. Romney can't help the way he talks because, well, that is the way he talks. Let's face it, the guy has been ultra-rich his whole life, what else can we expect out of his mouth.

So, you might ask, why are we in trouble? Well, our problem is that one of these two rich guys is going to end up as our president, and neither one has a clue about what our lives and our needs are.

You might think because Barack Obama is black that he knows what it is like to be that average or even below average American when it comes to lifestyle and money. Well, you would be wrong. Obama grew up way differently that we did. He spent much of his grade school years in Indonesia, and then went to high school in Hawaii. After that is was college for the rich, as in Columbia and Harvard. Not your typical middle class upbringing. When you attend Harvard, you are not hanging with the carpenters' or the mechanics' sons and daughters. By the time you are finished you are ready for living life with the elite class of our country.

Here is the thing. No matter which political party wins, our choice for President (out of those two men) has no idea of what our lives and our needs are. The same can be said for most out the members of the Senate and many in the House.

Here is how Merrian-Webster defines what I am talking about:

Definition of PLUTOCRACY: government by the wealthy; a controlling class of the wealthy.

That's right. We have gone from a Republic to a Democracy, and now we have moved into a Plutocracy.

Let's face it, the rich run our country. It now takes millions of dollars to run even for a House seat, and President Obama has been talking about spending a billion (that is 1,000 million) dollars on his re-election campaign. Only the very rich or those the very rich put the money up for can now be elected to federal office in our country.

Yes, we are in trouble, because we have lost our country to rich people, most of whom have no concept of what our lives are like.

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