We Violated What?
by James Glaser
April 19, 2012
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In this latest news story, Washington is pretending that they are upset with soldiers who posed with the bodies of Afghans they had killed.

(CNN) — Photos of U.S. soldiers posing with bodies of suspected Afghan insurgents, published Wednesday by the Los Angeles Times, depict behavior that "absolutely violates" U.S. regulations and values, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday.

So, let me get this straight - it is OK for our troops to kick in the door of some Afghan family in the middle of the night. It is OK for our troops to kill children. It is OK for our troops to kill those children's parents. It is OK for our troops to kill the sick, infirmed, or the aged. But heaven forbid they should even think about posing with bodies of those they kill!

Tell me, what American values are these troops violating? We are the only country to have dropped an atomic bomb on a civilian city. Heck, we are the only country that has dropped an atomic bomb on any target, military or civilian. We killed over one million innocent civilians in Vietnam. Our own Secretary of State admitted on national television on "60 Minutes" that we killed over 500,000 Iraqi children. Just so you understand that Washington knew what they were doing, check out this one, too.

So now, our Secretary of Defense wants us to believe that he is upset with our troops for posing with the bodies of those they killed? You and I know that what is really going on here. These pictures of soldiers posing with Afghani dead threaten the war profits that go to the Defense Industry Corporations who use a tiny portion of those profits to fund our politicians' election campaigns.

In all reality, the Secretary of Defense cares nothing for those Afghani dead bodies, nor for the troops posing with them. If he did, he would be working to end this Afghanistan War, the longest war in American history.

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