Biggest Murder Trial In Our History
by James Glaser
May 8, 2012
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Published: May 6, 2012

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba — Lawyers for five men charged before a military commission with conspiring in the attacks of Sept. 11 complained on Sunday that the process was rigged to lead to the execution of their clients, and they offered new details and explanations for a sometimes chaotic daylong arraignment on Saturday.

Why would anyone think our government would rig a 9/11 terrorist trial? Come to think of it, why is this trial being held outside our country at an American military base in Cuba, and not in an American court room, televised for all to see?

We all know these guys did it. Don't we?

What could possibly come out in this trial that our government does not want us to see or hear? Really now, what could come out about 9/11 that we have not all heard or read about in the last 11 years? It seems amazing that the attack happened that long ago, and it seems like we have had those charged in this crime in custody for years. Well, I guess our having them in custody makes me wonder why we have waited so long to bring them before a judge and jury.

What's that? We aren't bringing them before a judge and jury? They are going before some military officers? I thought that was the whole deal. These guys were not in a military, and they did not do this for some country, but a terrorist group. You might even say they are a bit like the Mafia... a criminal group. They don't have uniforms, or a country that declared war on us, and that is why we call them terrorists, not prisoners of war.

I guess if they were prisoners of war, I could see their being tried in a military court, but these guys are criminals, and as such you would think our court system would handle the prosecution of this crime.

So, that brings me back to asking, "What is the big secret? Why are the American people being kept out of the biggest murder trial of our lives—maybe the biggest murder trial in the history of our country. 3,000 Americans murdered, and we neither get to see nor hear the evidence used against these people, nor do we get to hear their defense. Maybe there is reason to believe this trial is rigged.

That brings me back to wondering why our government doesn't want us to know what is going on in this trial. What really happened on 9/11 that Washington is afraid for us to hear? Could there be something to all the physicists and structural engineers who claim the World Trade Towers would not have fallen with just the planes hitting them. Is there something to the fact that three buildings collapsed, but only two were hit by planes?

I have watched those reports put out by those who believe the Trade Towers had help in falling in the form of explosives detonated after those planes hit. I always thought the falling of the World Trade Towers would be talked about by conspiracy theorists for the next 50 years just like they keep talking about JFK's assignation in Dallas.

Somehow though, the government having a secret trial in a foreign land for the worst case of mass murder in America makes me think that Washington really does have something to hide and that these trials could very well be rigged to keep us in the dark about what really happened.

It is sad when you can no longer trust your own government, but they keep doing things that make us think they are scamming us. I think these trials show us they are at it again.

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