Yeah, Let's Wait a While
by James Glaser
May 21, 2012
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This past week some politicians from both the Democratic and Republican Party in Washington came up with the idea of working on our National Debt now, instead of waiting until after the election. For the first time in several years both political parties could agree on something. Well actually, only a few from each could. However, now this weekend, both parties have decided it is best to wait until after the election to do anything. I guess politics overruled sensibility.

That pretty much means that nothing of substance will be done for the next 7 months. That is when we will have our lame duck congressional session, where the losers of the election will finally be able to vote without thinking of the next election. The winners will still have to vote with their reelection calculation weighing heavy on them. So, unless we vote out almost all the incumbents, nothing will be done after the election either.


The Way Washington Figures It

The American people are telling Washington that they are sick of war. Our elected officials have to keep our wars going so those who make the profit from our killings will fund their next election campaign. No profits equals no campaign donations.

Here is what they have come up with. They are now telling us that by going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have given the people in those countries a chance at peace and democracy. It has been over a decade since we attacked Afghanistan, and nine years since we started our Shock and Awe bombing campaign in Iraq. Washington is trying to tell us that Saddam Hussein and the Taliban would have killed more of their citizens in those time frames, and would still be in power if we didn't attack, so our wars have been a good thing.

The problem is that we have killed hundreds of thousands of the people of these two countries—way more killing than their former leaders ever killed when they were in power.. On top of that, we have destroyed the infrastructure of both countries, and millions of their citizens are now displaced from their homes.

While it is true that we have replaced both of the former governments in these two countries, the governments we have installed are corrupt by our own admission.

We have killed and maimed millions, displaced millions, and now both political parties in Washington are saying we did such a bang up job we should do the same in Syria and Iran.

Our elected politicians in Washington are so addicted to the money given to them by those who profit from our wars that they are afraid to turn off that profit flow. That means they have to convince the American people and themselves that our continued killing of brown people on the other side of the world is a good thing for them and for us. Not an easy task, but Washington has been doing that for the last 60 years. They are good at it, and the American people are gullible. Out of sight—out of mind killing and slaughter is now an American tradition that has made our politicians and Defense Industry investors rich and powerful. I believe war will stay in our future, as now our politicians and our economy depends on it.

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