Memorial Day Is Not For Our Veterans
by James Glaser
May 28, 2012
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Memorial Day is not for the Veterans. They remember what they did, what they saw, and who they lost every day of their lives. Memorial Day is to sooth the conscience of a nation who sent those Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen off to war.

To tell you the truth, I don't need a weekend of old war movies going 24 a day for a three day weekend to get me in the mood to think about the cost of our wars. I don't need parades, nor do I need to hear Taps played at the cemetery.

If fact, all that stuff gets me mad. Veterans get one day a year that our nation says they stop and think about the sacrifices our troops have made over the years. One Day? One day. But the Veterans have to share that one day with the super big Memorial Day sales at their local car dealer or at the shopping mall.

America is all about money, and so is Memorial Day. Come to think about it, our wars are all about money, too. That is why many Americans get rich off our wars. American corporations don't cut our government a deal for their products when we go to war. If anything, they jack up the price. Every war is a windfall profit for the Defense Industry.

Now I know most people do their best to honor our service men and women, past and present, for their time served, but for me, Memorial Day is all part of the scam to promote the use of our military so that one segment, a huge segment of our industrial base, can continue to make huge profits from the suffering that those who serve our nation go through.

Memorial Day is just part of that scam. How much do you think our media makes every year with the advertising the Pentagon does to get young Americans to sign up? Hundreds of millions or is it billions?

How much do you think you would make if you just supplied our military with bed sheets or even socks? Remember the Pentagon is buying for over a million troops. How many bullets do you think the military fires every year? How would you like to have that contract?

Well, to keep all of these profits flowing, Washington has to make those who serve in our armed forces, special. That is why we have a day like Memorial Day. It is the same reason we have nice looking uniforms with shiny ribbons and medals.

Everybody that goes to war, heck everybody who signs up, ends up with a couple of medals.

In the years since the creation of the National Defense Service Medal, it is authorized only for the following time periods:

June 27, 1950 to July 27, 1954 for service during the Korean War
January 1, 1961 to August 14, 1974 for service during the Vietnam War
August 2, 1990 to November 30, 1995 for service during the
September 11, 2001 to a date to be announced for service during the War on Terrorism

So, if you were the company making the National Defense Medal, you would have sold tens of millions of them by now. Here is a list of just what the Army buys for their uniforms. Not the actual uniform, just stuff the put on the uniform. Remember this is just for the Army. The Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force all have their own list.

U.S. Army Medals

U.S. Army Ribbons and Awards

U.S. Army Headgear, Berets, Watchcaps, Etc.

U.S. Army National Guard Ribbons

U.S. Army Full-Size Skill / Qualification Badges

U.S. Army Miniature-Size Skill Badges

U.S. Army Rank

U.S. Army Service Stripes, Leadership Tabs

U.S. Army Regimental Corps Crests

U.S. Army Branch Insignia Badges

ACU Patches

U.S. Army Beret Flashes

ACU Uniforms & Tactical Gear

U.S. Army Combat Service Identification Badges

U.S. Army Embroidered ACU Skill Badges

Army Tailoring Service

U.S. Army Embroidered ACU Rank

Multicam ACU Patches

U.S. Military Service Pride Items

U.S. Army Shoulder Cords

U.S. Army Class A Uniform Full Color Patches

U.S. Army Flags

U.S. Army Service Uniform (Dress Blue) Sleeve Braids

U.S. Army Service Pride Products

U.S. Army Plastic Name Plates

Military Dog Tags

U.S. Armed Forces Name Tapes—All Branches

U.S. Army PT (Physical Training) Gear

U.S. Army Jewelry & Uniform Accessories

U.S. Army Unit Crests

OCP (MultiCam) Uniforms & Tactical Gear

U.S. Army Shoulder Knots

Hat Pins

U.S. Army Cap Devices

U.S. Army Aides Insignia

U.S. Army Aiguillettes & Fourragere

U.S. Army Dress Belts & Buckles

U.S. Army Dress Suspenders & Garters

U.S. Army Service Uniform (Dress Blue) Cap Braids

U.S. Army Dress Hat Cord

U.S. Army Dress Scarves

U.S. Army Cap Straps

Oxford High Gloss Dress Uniform Shoes

Anodized Medals

Devices, Attachments, etc.

Ribbon Mounts

Miniature Medals & Mounting Bars

Lapel Pins

This list is just a tiny, tiny part of military spending, but it gives you an the idea of what the scope of spending is and how much our military and therefore our wars mean to our national economy

Memorial Day is just a cover for the Government and the Defense Industry to make the American people think that there is something sacred about serving in the military. When in truth, the whole military system is now a scam by the Military Industrial Complex to take as much of our county's tax dollars as they can get away with to profit those who own these industries.

If our military was so important that we really needed them to make us safe, profit would not be the motivator and companies would be selling equipment to Washington at a tiny or even at no profit, because they were trying to protect our nation, also.

So, maybe we should rename Memorial Day to Keep the Profits Flowing Weekend. That would be more honest, but I guess honesty and the military seldom cross paths.

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