We Sure Do Have a Lot of Hate In This Country
by James Glaser
July 12, 2012
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Yes, we have white people who hate black people, black people who hate white people, and some in both of those two groups who hate Mexicans. (To haters, all Hispanics are Mexican.) If you think about it, our American history is filled with hate. The whites hated the Indians, and let's face you have to hate some body pretty bad to believe you can own them and have them for your slave, but we Americans did that hating for a long, long time. It took hundreds of thousands of people dying in a civil war to end slavery

People hated Mormons so much they pushed them all the way to Utah.

For a long time the Irish were hated, and so were the Italians and any other national group the rich brought over here to supply their factories and mines with cheap labor.

Heck, we have people who hate the Unions and many people hate the New York Yankees.

Nowadays, we seem to be bent on hating the Muslims. At one time it was the Catholics—do you remember that?

There are tons of Democrats who hate Republicans, and for sure many Republicans who hate the Democrats. Both of those political parties have members who hate one third party group or another or maybe all of them.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Jews.

Hate feeds on itself. If your dad hated Fords (and there are a lot of Ford haters) and would only drive a Chevy or Dodge, chances are pretty good you will hate Fords, too. The same goes for broccoli.

Right now our Muslim hate is something kind of new, but that is getting passed down to our children like every other hate. It is almost like somebody is pushing all this hate. You know what? I believe they are.

Divide the country and keep one group hating another, and while they focus their hate over there, they most likely will ignore you. So, that age old question raises its curious head, Who is "they" that can get us hating each other and even inanimate objects?

Me? I believe "they" are the happy people. The people with all the money they need and more. The people who don't have to worry about their kids' futures or their own future for that matter. That's right. I believe the rich are the ones who are keeping America filled with hate.

And why would they do that, you might ask. Well, there really is only so much wealth, and just like in a small town, somebody always wants to be the big fish in the pond. Keep the masses hating and fighting and those big fish can go on living the good life.

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