This Week We Buried Fourteen
by James Glaser
July 31,2012
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Did you know that? Did you know that 14 families buried their precious loved one in the ground this week? I know you care; you do care. But here's the thing. As long as Barack Obama keeps refusing to end the war he keeps going in Afghanistan, more and more American troops will die... for nothing.

This war that was started in 2001 by George Bush should have ended in 2002 when we knew that Osama bin laden was no longer in Afghanistan. That was the story Bush used to start the war—we were going after bin Laden.

However, the longer George Bush kept his war going, the longer the profits flowed to our Military Industrial Complex (aka., the defense industry) which keeps making many wealthy Americans wealthier.

Barack Obama was put into the White House with the help of those who profit from war, and he is not about to end the cash flow going to his backers from what has now become HIS war in Afghanistan. Sure, maybe the masses thought they were voting for an antiwar candidate, but they now know that the words Barack Obama used to get their vote were just that, words. So, President Obama has his war in Afghanistan still going, has added troops and bombings with his drone force in Pakistan, Yemen, and several countries in Africa, along with a nice bonus of the bombing of Libya.

Every soldier deployed, every bullet fired, and every bomb dropped means higher profits to those the world thinks of as the Merchants of Death—that would be US— the United States' Defense Industry.

So, this week we bury another 14, and next week, who knows how many? But we all know Barack Obama or whoever follows him into the White House will keep the troops dying and the profits rolling. Make no mistake, Mitt Romney will do the same as Obama.

Unless you don't mind helping kill innocent children and their loved ones, then you had better start thinking about the only antiwar vote possible in this year's election. That means you will have to vote third party, and you might as well start your research now and get to know the many candidates you can choose from.

I can tell you this: voting third party is the only vote that will allow you to feel good about this election.

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