I Don't Really Care About Big Bird
by James Glaser
October 7, 2012
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Democrats and Republicans are using Big Bird to try and win votes for their candidate. Big Bird is a large costume and not a real bird. To tell you the truth, I don't care if Big Bird gets to stay on TV with tax dollars or not. Yeah, he or she or whatever Big Bird is was great for my kids when they were young, and I am sure the bird is great for the kids of today, but there are so many more important things to talk about this election than a Sesame Street puppet.

Do you know that we have real birds dying from chemicals we spray all around our country by the millions of gallons? That we have millions, yes, I wrote millions of children hungry in this country? That our country has been bombing with unmanned drones in six countries that we know of, all without a declaration of war?

We have millions of illegal aliens living in our country, thousands of their kids were born here, and many now serve in our armed forces, but we are talking about puppets, not what we are going to do with these people.

President Obama says Social Security is just fine, but the people who run Social Security tell us that they have $8.6 Trillion Dollars in unfunded liabilities. They tell us that they have no idea where they will get the money to pay them. But we are worrying about big bird puppets?

Mitt Romney is telling us that he will keep the American military the strongest in the world. We already spend five times more on the military than the next closet country (China). Many reports claim we spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined and much of that is money we borrow from China. Romney talks about balancing our budget, but the military is off limits when it comes to cuts. Of course this is another subject that neither Romney nor Obama care to explore in public debate.

The United States has many problems that run the gambit, from trillions of dollars needed to repair our infrastructure, to continued race relation problems; almost 50 million of our people needing food stamps; and over 22 million workers either out of work or being able to find only part time work.

There is a reason that both the Republicans and Democrats are talking about Big Bird. Big Bird makes people focus on a small entertaining problem, and keeps their focus off the big important problems that face our country. Both parties are willing to use Big Bird as a cover so they don't have to tell us what they plan to do to fix those big problems. Maybe neither party really knows what to do and flashing Big Bird on the television takes our eye away from what is really important.

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