How a Man from the North Can Get Smitten by a Southern Woman


How She Hooked Me
by James Glaser
December 3, 2012
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She is tall and thin, and the first time I heard her voice it was the Song of the South. From a distance she would pass as a woman of Scandinavian decent from anyplace in Northern Minnesota, but the way she moves and her soft sultry voice tells you she is from south of the Mason Dixon.

Women from down there walk slower, and the enunciation she makes with the movement of her hips tells you that you are not in Minnesota anymore. I have now found out that Southern women can think faster than a man from the North woods, and that their alluring ways captivate you so that there is no other choice but to fall in love.

Women from the Southland are not at all embarrassed to proclaim their trust in the Lord, and they have a faith that is honest and pure. Songs of praise are on their lips as often as something more popular, and when they give voice to a song, it is open and lyrical, something you would expect to come floating across the field while walking to church.

There is something in a Southern woman's eyes that we don't see in the Northland. There is a hint of a secret that you will never know, and their eyes contain a bit of mirth that lets you think they find you fun to be with. Say the wrong thing though, and those eyes can change to lighting.

Southern Women know how to do many things well, but they tend to keep their skills to themselves until that day you see them doing something new, and you say, "I didn't know you could do that." They will often come back with, "You don't know about a lot of things I can do."

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